Endless Pools... Swimming Nowhere Fast!!

 Swim as long and as far as you want - with no flip turns!

The Endless pool at AETT can be booked in 30 or 60 minute increments. One person swims at a time at their own determined pace and effort. The Endless Pool has a hydraulically driven current and propeller system that creates a smooth, even current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. It is broad, deep and non-turbulent to create a smooth swimming experience.

The current speed is adjustable to suit any swimmer from beginner to elite. Swim sessions are done just as they are in a full-length pool - and to rest, just step to the left or right and you are in calm water!

Benefits of the Endless Pool:

  • No longer the obstacles found in public pools - swim as long and as fast as you want to without having to worry about other people.
  • Can be used any time during the open hours at AETT - No longer have to wait until the pool is open for public swimming
  • Stroke analysis - The Endless Pool has an angled mirror on the side and a flat mirror on the bottom of the pool for stroke improvement. Monitor your own body alignment, hand entry, hip rotation, reaching, and catching! Use the mirror to correct your own swimming technique!
  • Speed development - The Endless Pool can be used for speed development by setting the current to your desired pace for a specific distance. Swim intervals by stroke count for as long as you want, manipulate the speed for specific intervals, and if you flail or lose control just stand up, recover, and begin again!
  • Learn how to control the water - Play with the speed and ease of your stroke to see how little effort you can put forth in order to maintain a specific position/speed.
  • Balance Left and Right Arm Pull - Learn to swim in a straight line - In an Endless Pool you no longer have a line on the bottom of the pool to swim alongside. You are forced to exert equal amounts of force with each arm in order to stay in the middle of the pool! Aside from resisting muscle imbalances, you also learn how to swim in a straight line - so for triathletes or swimmers who do open water swimming, swimming straight comes naturally!

The Endless Pool at AETT can be booked for individual swim sessions OR coached sessions.

Murray Drudge and Kyle Resnick are AETT's swim coach's and stroke technicians and are available for individual stroke analysis sessions..

 Call AETT at 416-483-2388 to book your time and for more information.


Here is a quote from one of our stroke technicians, Murray Drudge:

"Water Treadmill:  The water treadmill is also known as the "endless pool", and gives swimmers the opportunity to tweak their technique within a confined pool space.  Swimming against a current is swimming on a different plain.  Stroke eficiency is put to the ultimate test: feet hit the bottom, body sways from side to side, which makes this pool "self-teaching" in a way.

For the past two years now I have coached triathletes one on one in this pool.  Not only do the swimmers greatly benefit, it has also helped me to hone my skills to coach stroke dynamics, because I notice small mistakes that are not apparent in a regular pool from the pool deck.  Swimmers can be videotaped for training purposes, or watch themselves in a mirror.  The water treadmill is also excellent for technique acquisition and steady-state swimming: by setting the pace control, the swimmer can focus on relaxation and thythm.  This is the key to mind-muscle connection - making it automatic!"

-Murray Drudge, Head Coach NYAC
"P.S:  Thanks, AE, for your generousity to also allow my athlets to benefit from its usage"