Improve your cycling power by 20-30%!
Increase your cycling speed by 2-4 mph!

The computrainer provides the industry standard for accuracy and power! The computrainer is used world-wide by cycling and triathlon coaches as a testing and training instrument. It is used by the USA triathlon team, USA cycling, and the Canadian Cycling Association.

Join one of AETT's regularly scheduled Group Computrainer Cycling Classes! Bring your own bike or rent one of ours, and enjoy an indoor riding experience that simulates outdoor riding more than any other indoor trainer.

AETT has 2 multi-rider systems whereby up to 16 people can ride together on real bike courses while never leaving AETT's cycling studio! Each 8-person system connects into a hub and then into a PC, which is then transferred to a large plasma screen where the course and your stats are displayed throughout the ride.

Workouts will be suggested on selected weeknights to work on cycling-specific strength, power and speed. Real bike courses are scheduled for the weekend long rides that can last as long as you choose - sign up for one of our long rides and you are free to continue riding outside our three hour class time for as long as you wish! Let the group take you through the long ride, providing the motivation and atmosphere you need to get the most out of your workout.

Group rides are as competitive or as relaxed as the athlete chooses - intensity is controlled by each rider individually so athletes should feel free to do their own workout and use the group as motivation.


Computrainers may be booked up to 7 days in Advance.  Space is limited and cycling is based on availability of a trainer - prior reservation of a trainer is highly recommended during peak season.

 Get the most out of every cycling workout!

 Call AETT at 416-483-2388 for more information and to book your ride.